The Depot

Last month I finished my internship at the Livermore Heritage Guild. About the only thing this has to do with skating is the couple of kids that held their boards in the park next to the Guild while they were hanging out. What this did have to do with was trains. The project was to research the Southern Pacific Railroad and Depot in order to put a museum exhibit in the lower level of Depot over on Railroad. This was an interesting project, mostly because it was all mine. I mean, I talked to a couple of people to iron out some details here and there, but that was it. They gave it me, and I ran with it. I started back in the 1860’s with Livermore bringing the RR into the town (a brief caption about how it could’ve gone elsewhere) then moving on to the old depot burning down in 1891. I wanted to put in a physical display showing the different types of track, but there was a lot of disagreement over whether or not we could that. The bulk of this project was research and finding out what I could about the depot and its history; a lot of that having to do with the people of Livermore and how the depot and the railroad affected their lives.

Trains in and of themselves are exciting. I wanted this exhibit to reflect that. I wanted to have interactive exhibits that bring the public into the fray of early 20th century life along the Livermore, CA railroad tracks. I’m not sure I was able to accomplish that. Unfortunately, money, time and space constraints are the bane of every historian, but I made an effort to overcome. I hope that my first attempt at a museum exhibit is a success. As soon as I get the date for the opening, I will let everyone know. On that note, I will apologize for my long hiatus. Here is a photo of the depot at Livermore, early 20th century. Courtesy of the Livermore Heritage Guild: